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Zakira PatelFebruary 4, 20222 min read

SD-WAN vs WAN: Which Is the Best Choice?

What is SD-WAN?

SD-WAN, or Software-Defined Wide Area Network, is a solution that offers improved connectivity over its counterparts WAN and MPLS. With SD-WAN solutions, businesses have a higher level of control in addition to rapid deployment. It supports remote and mobile workforces with its flexibility.


How Does SD-WAN Work?

Businesses looking to implement SD-WAN don’t need to overhaul their existing network. It serves as an “overlay” to a business’s current network. SD-WAN networks consist of encrypted tunnels that monitor network traffic in real-time and, once it has been classified and prioritized, direct this traffic towards the best available network.


What is WAN?

WAN, or Wide Area Networks, is a collection of Local Area Networks (LAN) that are interconnected. Typically, WANs are connected via routers and VPNs (Virtual Private Networks). This model is rigid compared to SD-WAN, especially when it comes to cloud-based applications. WAN architectures don’t have the same capability to support cloud applications as SD-WAN. When scaling a WAN network, a lot of time and resources are required making it an expensive and labor-intensive process.


Benefits of SD-WAN Compared to WAN

SD-WAN brings a level of digitalization to typical WAN architecture and it controls traffic throughout all circuits. Businesses using SD-WAN can manage a hybrid network infrastructure consisting of both public and private networks that can be deployed in a wide variety of environments.

An SD-WAN solution turns typical telecom hardware into software meaning that networks run faster, are less expensive, and are more flexible. The reduction in physical equipment compared to WAN makes it easier to get offices up and running, resulting in cost savings for businesses. Traffic is directed to the fastest (and most stable) lanes allowing for a faster network with little to no downtime. And, SD-WAN gives priority to mission-critical applications.

Our SD-WAN Solution


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