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What Is Telecom Expense Management?
Zakira PatelMay 20, 20212 min read

What Is Telecom Expense Management?


Telecom spending is one of the biggest expenses for businesses. It includes the costs for the company’s cell phone plans and Internet services. This seems like it should be easy to manage but it can be quite difficult. There are a lot of changes within telecom spending with new innovations in technology, changes in plans, and usage patterns. There’s also the issue of employees using their telecom devices for personal matters instead of just business which can cause overages and other problems with billing.

With Telecom Expense Management, businesses no longer need to invest a lot of time and resources into understanding telecom spending and how to control or manage it.

What Can Telecom Expense Management Do for My Business?

Without a deep understanding of wireless plans and employee usage patterns, many companies will find themselves with high telecom expenses. Unless they utilize Telecom Expense Management (TEM). With TEM, companies will no longer need to worry about processing invoices and identifying redundant charges because that will be done for them. TEM streamlines the operation of auditing, regulating, and reducing telecom expenses.

Some of the services include:

  • Processing and storing telecom invoices in a single location
  • Identifying errors and overcharges in bills
  • Optimizing your telecom services to save money

With TEM, the areas where the most money is being spent are easily identified, thereby reducing overall telecom spending for businesses. Using TEM services has been proven to reduce businesses’ telecom expenses by 15-30%. It also gives them a simple way to handle invoices, rather than just going across numerous departments, as all telecom data and expenses are in a single location.

One downside to Telecom Expense Management is that it can be expensive. Telecom Expense Managers charge roughly $1-$3 a line.

How Can POND IoT Help?

POND IoT offers free Telecom Expense Management services to most business accounts, so businesses don’t need to worry about employing these Telecom Expense Managers. POND IoT is the ONLY MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Operators) that offers Telecom Expense Management because the others don’t want TEM providers reducing bills. Major carriers, on the other hand, typically don’t allow APIs for billing systems so they won’t offer this service either. With POND IoT, API management isn’t needed.

We use AI and have humans reviewing contacts as well. With our service, you’d have a designated account manager that you can reach out to for any potential issues. You won’t need to worry about spending hours on hold with customer service and being transferred through multiple departments. With us, there is one point of contact—the account manager.

Based on the feedback we hear from our customers; it takes an average of 30-40 hours a month to manage a 500-line plan. With us, it’s simple. You can send an email or call your account manager who will give you a confirmation when everything is taken care of.

TEM Benefits With POND IoT

With POND IoT’s Telecom Expense Management services, businesses will find many benefits including:

  • Eliminating billing irregularities
  • Reducing waste and overspending
  • Forecasting for future expenses
  • Long-term control
  • Greater transparency

We help businesses reduce costs for their business by assisting subscribers in choosing the most optimal plan for their specific needs. We also have our clients’ telecoms bills analyzed monthly by account managers before sending them out, ensuring that they’re being billed correctly.

We care about our existing customers, not just the new ones. For this reason, POND IoT provides Telecom Expense Management free to most business accounts.