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POND offers a number of solutions for businesses of all sizes, ranging from basic phone plans to robust IoT solutions. With our connectivity solutions, users can enjoy coverage from the largest providers in the US on a single SIM.


POND's GPS tracking solution allows you to view all of your assets within one tracking platform, and we provide the connectivity for your trackers. Track and manage all of your high-value assets in real-time, including your business fleet, equipment, and employees. Our SMART SIM offers multi-layered connectivity from all major US carriers on one SIM.

POND's asset tracking solution includes:

  • Domestic coverage from the largest networks in the US
  • Global coverage across 200+ countries from 800+ networks worldwide
  • Enterprise-grade GPS tracking devices
  • Access to POND Connect


With POND's Connectivity Hub, you can manage all of your connections on a single platform with 26+ IMSIs. This means seamless integration of all your connections, lowered costs, and streamlined operations. Enjoy full support for permanent roaming, affiliate roaming, and local profiles.

POND Connectivity Hub includes:

  • Support for 26+ IMSIs
  • SMS and Data Support on 2G/3G/4G/5G/LTE-M across 200+ countries


POND's Internet Failover solution offers multi-layered coverage from the largest US carriers on a single SIM card. When your primary network goes down, our backup connection kicks in. The POND SMART SIM automatically switches to the strongest available network, eliminating network interruptions.


POND's Internet Failover solution includes:

  • Auto-Connection
  • Universal Coverage across 200+ networks globally
  • Advanced Security
  • 24/7 Product Support


POND offers IoT connectivity solutions for both Domestic and Global applications across a number of industries. Our IoT SMART SIM has multi-carrier coverage from the largest networks in the US. We control the core network, guaranteeing the most customized solutions at the lowest costs.


POND's IoT solution includes:

  • SMART SIM--with auto-connection in case of network failure
  • Full Network Control
  • End-to-End Managed IoT
  • Private LTE Networks