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Why Your Business Needs Internet Failover
Zakira PatelFebruary 11, 20222 min read

Why Your Business Needs Internet Failover

When you’re living in an Internet and connectivity-driven world, your business and its services need to be available constantly. Customers have become accustomed to easy access and quick transactions. When that becomes unavailable to them, they will look to a competitor–losing you valuable business.

Today, most, if not all, of our business applications need a strong Internet connection to keep operations running. When your Internet connection goes down, so does your business and your revenue. This problem affects all businesses--whether you’re a small, medium, or Enterprise-level organization. On average, Enterprise-level businesses have reported losing up to $6,500 in revenue per minute of Internet downtime!

While it is inevitable that your Internet connection will go down on occasion, it doesn’t mean your operations have to stop.


What is Internet Failover?


Internet Failover is a backup Internet connection that will keep all Internet and Cloud-based applications running even in the event of an outage. SD-WAN technology has made it even easier to implement Internet failover technology by re-routing network traffic when your primary Internet connection fails or has latency fluctuations.

What Business Systems Do Internet Outages Affect?

Many systems in your organization require an Internet connection to maintain connectivity, meaning that they need a failover solution to ensure smooth operations. A few examples of applications or equipment requiring a stable Internet connection are:


  • Printers
  • Email
  • VoIP Applications
  • Project Management Systems
  • Asset Tracking/Management Systems
  • Inventory Management Systems
  • Security Cameras and Devices
  • Point of Sale (POS) Transaction Systems
  • Cloud Systems and Applications
  • Accounting and Finance Systems
  • Video Conferencing Applications
  • VPNs




What Industries Require an Internet Failover Solution?


Every business needs an Internet backup solution, but there are some industries that could suffer more without an LTE failover plan in place.


Lack of a stable Internet connection will prevent customers from being able to make payments and complete transactions.


Businesses will lose access to their online servers and complete any transfers or tracking online.


Machines and equipment will lose their ability to perform important functions and Cloud applications will be unavailable.


Hospitals and other healthcare institutions need a Failover solution to keep their monitors and equipment functioning properly. It’s also necessary to maintain access to important information like patient records.

Advantages of LTE Failover

An LTE failover solution will link all of your devices to a functioning network with no service interruptions because the data switches automatically from Wi-Fi to LTE.

POND IoT offers a robust LTE Internet backup connection that will keep your business connected with no service interruptions. Our Failover solution offers coverage from the three largest nationwide networks, creating multiple layers of redundancy to keep your business applications running. Check out our Failover plans!