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Zakira Patel July 28, 2022 2 min read

How Fleet Tracking Can Improve Your Waste Management System

GPS tracking answers a number of challenges that accompany fleet management. Waste management fleets also face the same challenges including some specialized to their industry. Implementing fleet tracking for your waste management and disposal system can streamline your operations and maximize efficiency in your business processes. 


Allocate resources easily and efficiently


When you’re running on a tight schedule, it can be difficult to dispatch multiple vehicles at the same time. Luckily, fleet tracking tools make this task a lot easier. When your entire fleet is visible on a single map, you can pinpoint which drivers should be dispatched and where. GPS tracking devices help you review your routes and assign drivers accordingly based on location and the size of the job. 


Reduce fuel consumption


Fuel is the biggest expense for any fleet.

Saving fuel is a priority when it comes to waste management operating costs. The most significant way fleet tracking reduces fuel costs, and the most obvious is through route optimization. Figuring out the most fuel-efficient path to your various destinations is key to saving big on fuel costs. It also increases productivity and reduces idle engine time.

Apart from driver locations, fleet tracking also helps track driver behavior. Some fleet management systems will offer features like speed notifications. This feature will notify you anytime one of your vehicles goes over a specified speed limit. Knowing these behaviors will allow you to correct them and improve overall fuel management.


Prevent theft/loss of assets


Vehicle theft is already a big problem, but what happens when you add expensive waste containers to the mix? Fleet tracking allows you to keep tabs on your fleet and other high-value assets. 

A popular feature of fleet tracking is geofencing. Geofencing is when you set up a virtual perimeter around a specific location. Anytime one of your vehicles or containers leaves that perimeter, you will be notified and can start the recovery process. This kind of technology also prevents any unauthorized use of assets from employees and staff. 


Preventative maintenance


Fleet management software offers preventative maintenance features. These features will alert you for any upcoming maintenance that needs to be done on your vehicles like oil changes. Taking care of these maintenance issues in advance prevents expensive repairs down the line. It also reduces vehicle downtime because you can plan accordingly based on which vehicles are in the shop for repairs. 


Make informed decisions


Fleet management software gives you real data that you can use to make strategic decisions about your fleet operations. With reports generated from fleet tracking devices, you can increase the productivity of your fleet and reduce any unnecessary fleet costs


GPS Asset tracking


Fleet management means instant ROI for your business. POND offers a robust GPS tracking system that offers these benefits and more for a flat monthly fee.

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