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Zakira Patel July 14, 2022 2 min read

Three Ways GPS Tracking Can Transform Your Fleet

In 2021, 32% of GPS tracking users reported a positive ROI in less than 6 months! With the proven success of fleet management and tracking software, the number of fleet managers using GPS tracking is expected to grow significantly in the coming years. Here are three ways GPS tracking can transform your fleet and business operations as a whole.


Cost Savings

One of the biggest expenses for fleets is fuel costs. Eliminating any excessive or unnecessary fuel consumption can cut down business costs tremendously. With GPS fleet tracking, route optimization becomes much easier.

You can remotely monitor routes and re-route at the last minute to avoid any issues. Traffic jams and inclement weather are just a few factors that increase fuel consumption and costs. You can also save on fuel by dispatching drivers and vehicles that are currently closest to the necessary destination.

GPS fleet tracking also offers rich data insights that allow you to monitor speeds and driver braking habits. Another issue that can be eliminated is using vehicles for unauthorized or personal travel. By using fleet tracking to emphasize shorter routes and safer driving, companies can save hundreds of thousands on fleet costs.

Preventative Maintenance


Another cost that accounts for a large portion of business expenses? Fleet maintenance. Keeping vehicles in good working order is costly, especially when you take into account the downtime for vehicles to get fixed.

A GPS-based fleet maintenance system can monitor both vehicle miles and hours, allowing you to make proactive repairs. Fixing any issues within the vehicle before it becomes a significant problem is crucial to reducing expensive repair costs. It will also help you manage and deploy your fleet more efficiently by knowing when vehicles are in need of service.

Streamlined Operations


With GPS fleet tracking, you can see your entire fleet at once and get an overview of your operations. Rather than taking it vehicle by vehicle, you can allocate resources as needed in a coordinated manner.

Seeing your system as a whole allows you to pinpoint which areas are in need of extra attention. You can also better allocate drivers and personnel. Fleet tracking offers instant data that allows you to make informed decisions.


Fleet Tracking With POND


POND IoT offers connectivity for fleet asset tracking in virtually any use case. Our solution is global, with coverage spanning 210+ countries and 800+ networks worldwide making it ideal for global deployment. In the US, POND provides access to the three largest nationwide networks.

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