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POND IoT Leads the Way in IoT Connectivity With Advanced 5G Offerings


POND IoT is excited to announce that it’s the first US carrier to offer 5G access to all three major operators on a single SIM card.

The introduction of 5G technology represents a significant milestone for the IoT industry, and POND is thrilled to be at the forefront of this exciting development. With the company’s 5G-enabled SMART SIM, customers can now enjoy faster download and upload speeds, lower latency, and increased capacity, all while using the same SIM card across multiple carriers.

By offering this technology, POND IoT enables customers to connect to a wider network without needing multiple SIM cards or contracts. This simplifies the process of managing IoT connectivity and reduces costs.


“As a company that is committed to innovation, we are thrilled to be one of the first to offer our customers 5G connectivity on all three providers, on a single SIM card," said Igor Kamenetsky, CRO at POND IoT. "With this new development, our customers can now experience the benefits of 5G technology across multiple carriers, making it easier than ever to connect and communicate with their devices.”


With this new offering, POND IoT continues to deliver on its promise of providing the most advanced IoT connectivity solutions for businesses and wholesale.

For more information on POND’s 5G-enabled SMART SIM, you can contact the company here.

About POND: POND IoT was created to address the challenges of rigid wireless plans, poor customer support, and unpredictable policies. Headquartered in New Jersey, the company offers revolutionary IoT solutions for domestic and international customers. This includes real-time GPS tracking and monitoring, multi-network cellular services for voice & data across 800+ networks worldwide, custom solutions as well as solutions for enterprise and wholesale, and more. Visit for more information.