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Zakira PatelApril 10, 20222 min read

What Are The Main Advantages of eSIM?

Digital SIM cards are modernizing the way we connect to our carriers and how operators can manage devices. These SIM cards are known as eSIMs (eUICC) and they are embedded directly onto mobile devices making Over-the-Air (OTA) provisioning easy.


What is an eSIM?


eSIMs are digitally embedded onto the phone, making them drastically different from physical SIMs which can be removed from your device. eSIMs cannot be removed and put into another phone, rather eSIMs can be rewritten and updated.


With an eSIM, you can change your network or update it without ever needing to remove the SIM from your phone or tablet. 


What Are the Advantages of an eSIM?


Easily switch networks


Rather than waiting for a new SIM to arrive in the mail, or having to pick up a new SIM in person, which you would have to do with a traditional physical SIM card, you can just switch to a new network via a phone call! There’s no need to struggle to find a tool to remove your SIM card from its slot, instead, you can access your account online and activate your new SIM. 


Have more than one SIM


Newer phones offer dual-SIM technology that allows users to have one physical SIM and one eSIM on their devices. 


Having two numbers on one device opens a new world of possibilities for those used to operating two phones for work and personal use. Users can receive phone calls and texts like normal on both numbers, and also choose which SIM to use for making calls, sending texts, and using cellular data.


Use less space


Removing a physical SIM card allows for less physical space to be used on future devices like cellphones and wearable devices. Devices like Apple Watches and other smartwatches have already taken advantage of eSIM technology to promote a slimmer and more convenient design for everyday use. 


Ideal for IoT devices


Given eSIMs ability to be easily updated and deployed, this technology is key to keeping IoT devices connected. New lines can be opened up remotely as needed and for users all over the world! Businesses can also manage eSIM-enabled devices easily on one contract as opposed to juggling multiple contracts and network operators.


POND IoT Now Offering eSIM Technology


POND now fully supports eSIM technology, offering global coverage across 200+ countries worldwide and 800+ networks on one digital SIM.


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