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SaaS Internet Backups: Expectation Vs. Reality
Zakira PatelApril 16, 20211 min read

SaaS Internet Backups: Expectation Vs. Reality

Back-Up Recovery and Disaster Recovery are on the agenda for 2021. After all, it's part of the theme this year.

Security Issues

There is nothing that is completely safe and secure. While this might be true in many instances, it’s not very accurate about the cloud. Data protection begins when files leave your computer, and they are usually encrypted to keep them from prying eyes. The level of data security providers offer is not the same--some are more secure than others. This is one of the many reasons you should read the reviews of a provider before signing up with them. 

As businesses become more digital, they will be creating more and more data. All data will become essential to their day-to-day existence and will drive operations and strategy. The bottom line is, the more online we are, the more at risk we are. But, let’s not burn our laptops and give up on technology...yet.

Disaster Impact Analysis

The first step in crafting a disaster recovery plan is to perform an assessment of your current business scenario. Especially for your virtualized environment. A business impact analysis focuses on possible external factors that can affect work. As well as natural calamities.

There are risks and severity levels ranging from minor power outages to a tornado raging through your location. If your Internet connection is down, you’re in trouble. If it’s a major event, the company might not survive it. Almost 40 percent of small businesses never reopen their doors following a disaster, according to FEMA. That’s why multi-network connectivity provided by POND IoT is so important.

There are few remedies for a downed internet connection. A good solution is to have an internet failover service. This is cost-effective and will ensure the stability of your connection. POND IoT has a few options that can bring the same level of internet dependability back to your business including:

  • Auto Connection
  • Universal Coverage
  • Durability and Reliability
  • Product Support