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Private LTE: Digitalize Your Business
Zakira PatelMarch 20, 20221 min read

Private LTE: Digitalize Your Business

Businesses have been seeing the value in a digital-first approach to their operations, which has been further emphasized by the COVID-19 pandemic—demonstrating the need for remote system operations.


What Are Private LTE Networks?

Private LTE networks are cellular networks, independent of large provider networks, that are focused on designated locations. These networks are unavailable to public mobile users, reducing network traffic and congestion significantly. Private LTE networks are similar to WLANs with their flexibility and cost-saving benefits but have a number of key differentiators.

There is increased security with the use of SIM cards over Wi-Fi since device authentication is stronger. By traveling across a licensed wireless spectrum, there is also less radio interference compared to Wi-Fi when it comes to Voice and Data.

What Are the Benefits of Private LTE?

By adopting Private LTE, organizations can customize their networks to support their specific connectivity requirements. This solution is revolutionary for organizations with connectivity requirements that typical communication networks cannot meet. Network functions and service quality are managed by the core network allowing for performance optimization based on device needs. Applications that require low latency can even be prioritized and separated from public network congestion.

Implementing a local network offers a vast amount of opportunities for warehouses, agriculture, transportation, and shipping ports. Rural areas with limited or poor network connectivity can also benefit greatly from Private LTE.

Our Private LTE/NaaS Solution

We offer a scalable cloud-based NaaS, Network as a Service, solution for medium and Enterprise-level organizations. With reduced downtime, increased security, and multiple layers of redundancy, POND’s groundbreaking connectivity solutions can help digitalize your company while being cost-effective.

Our NaaS solution promises Private LTE Network deployment and an easy-to-use platform that is highly customizable to meet your specific business needs.

Be sure to check out our Internet Backup and Failover plans to keep your business running, even during an outage, starting at just $5 a month!