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IoT Connectivity: Enhancing Your Business With Connected Devices
Zakira PatelMarch 10, 20221 min read

IoT Connectivity: Enhancing Your Business With Connected Devices

We’ve all heard the term “IoT” thrown around plenty in recent years, but what does it mean? IoT, or the Internet of Things, refers to devices (usually physical objects) that exchange information with one another via the Internet.


These devices can vary from household items like kitchen appliances and Amazon Ring devices to industrial-grade machinery. Companies are expected to invest up to $15 trillion in IoT technology by the year 2025. 


In simple terms, IoT describes the way devices are connected to the Internet and each other. 


IoT Across Industries


Transportation: Connected devices allow companies to use fleet management systems to track assets across the supply chain giving valuable insight into traffic conditions and delivery times/routes. 


Healthcare: IoT devices like sensors and wearables give healthcare providers real-time data on patient health conditions. For patients with chronic health conditions like Diabetes and Hypertension, in-office visits can be cut down significantly with this technology and better treatment solutions can be offered. 


Retail: Inventory management, asset tracking, and real-time analytics are all made possible by connected IoT devices. Connected Point-of-Sale (POS) devices like payment terminals are connected via cellular IoT and streamline the payment process for customers.


Hospitality: Predictive maintenance allows hotel management to detect and address any maintenance issues before they become larger problems—significantly reducing repair costs. Guests can also control the lighting and temperature in their rooms using their mobile devices making their stay more convenient.


Property Management: Property management is made easier with predictive maintenance that cuts down expensive repair costs and ensures the structural integrity of the property. Security systems also use IoT technology to keep cameras connected around the property, securing the safety of tenants. 


POND IoT Solutions


POND offers cellular IoT connectivity solutions for businesses. With coverage from three of the largest nationwide networks, POND ensures high-speed connectivity across IoT devices. And, with its ability to transfer large amounts of data, cellular IoT offers a robust and secure infrastructure for businesses of all sizes,


We also offer Internet Failover and Backup solutions to keep businesses (and your IoT devices) connected at all times without fail, starting at just $5 per month.