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Internet failover: a lifeline for healthcare facilities
Zakira PatelMay 20, 20221 min read

Internet Failover: A Lifeline For Healthcare Facilities

Healthcare facilities of all sizes are dependent on Internet connectivity. With so many healthcare applications and critical systems shifting online, having a reliable Internet connection has never been more critical.


Continued Communication: Why Is It Important?


Communication is vital within the healthcare sphere. Whether you’re a physician at a large hospital, who needs to contact emergency services and other departments, or you own a small private practice and need to keep your electronic health record system up and running. As a healthcare provider, having a secure Internet connection will help you avoid delays in information transfer and keep you connected to your patients in times of need.


What Is Internet Failover?


Internet failover is a solution that serves as a backup to your primary connection. For example, if your primary Internet connection goes down for whatever reason (inclement weather, company-wide network outages, etc.) then your Internet failover connection would step in and take over. With an Internet failover solution, you won’t need to worry about your Cloud and Internet-based applications going down during a network outage.


What Are Some Day-To-Day Systems That Rely on the Internet?


Electronic Health Records (EHR)


These days, patient medical records are stored entirely on an electronic database. These records need to be available to all parties involved at all times. Access to patient records is necessary for a multitude of reasons like record keeping and dealing with insurance companies. 


Staff Communication


Internet downtime means confusion for staff who can’t access schedules, messaging portals, and other important Cloud and Internet-based mission-critical applications.


Virtual Visits


Sometimes patients are unable to visit in person and need to rely on e-visits, this is especially true for those living in rural and remote areas.


There are also those patients who have other difficulties preventing them from in-office visits like disabilities and age.


The quality of virtual visits depends entirely on Internet connectivity. Voice and video quality are important and connection issues on the provider’s side can reflect poorly on them.


POND For Business Continuity


POND IoT offers a robust LTE Internet backup connection that will keep your business connected with no service interruptions. Our Failover solution offers coverage from the three largest nationwide networks, creating multiple layers of redundancy so you can ensure business continuity. Check out our Failover plans, starting at just $5.