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The Most Affordable Internet Failover Equipment for 2022
Zakira PatelFebruary 18, 20221 min read

The Most Affordable Internet Failover Equipment for 2022

If your primary Internet connection goes down, you need to have a backup connection in place to keep operations running smoothly. With an Internet Backup and Failover solution, you can do just that!


What is Internet Failover?


Internet Failover is a backup Internet connection that kicks in when your primary connection goes down–ensuring no downtime or losses in productivity.

A Failover plan is necessary for all businesses, regardless of size. Enterprise-level businesses can lose hundreds of thousands each year due to Internet outages. Small businesses, can also lose valuable business and damage their reputation if customers are unable to access their services.

Implementing an Internet/LTE Failover solution can seem like a daunting task, but there are numerous affordable options on the market.

Affordable Internet Failover/Backup Internet Equipment

NETGEAR 4G LTE Broadband Modem (LB2120)

  • Works with any mobile network provider
  • 4G to 3G fallback support
  • Share connection across all devices

NETGEAR Nighthawk Router With 4G LTE Modem (LAX20)

  • Works with AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon
  • Can be used as primary or backup Internet connection
  • AX1800 Gigabit speed
  • Easy set-up and management

Cudy 4G LTE Modem Router (AC1200)

  • Works with any major 4G provider in the US
  • Converts 4G LTE to Wi-Fi
  • 1200Mbps Mesh Wi-Fi
  • High-gain antennas
  • Built-in VPN clients
  • Secure and easy set-up

Cudy Unlocked 4G LTE Modem Router (N300)

  • Works with major 4G providers in the US
  • 300Mbps Wi-Fi
  • High-gain antennas
  • Multiple VPN clients
  • Secure and easy set-up

POND LTE Failover Solution

We provide LTE Failover plans, with coverage from the 3 largest nationwide networks in the US, starting at just $5. POND Failover plans are compatible with most unlocked 4G LTE modems and offer multiple layers of redundancy, keeping your business operations running successfully.

Customers can also choose to add an LTE modem to their purchase of compatible plans: Basic and On Demand.