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Mobile Security Tips to Protect Your Data from Cyber Criminal
Alex KotlerSeptember 9, 20202 min read

Mobile Security Tips to Protect Your Data from Cyber Criminals

Technology has simplified our lives, but it has also made it easier for cybercriminals to steal your information, destroying you with just a couple of keystrokes. Almost 2.3 million people reported being victims of identity theft and fraud, according to a study by the Federal Trade Commission. Fraud losses amounted to $1.9 billion in 2019 alone. Data breaches exposed sensitive information of 7.9 billion records. Protecting yourself is critical!

Protecting your Mobile Device

Encrypt Your Device: Use the full disk encryption option to ensure that data cannot be accessed without proper authentication. The password is required to retrieve the data once it’s encrypted!

Use Secure Authentication: Enable facial recognition, thumbprint scanner, or a secure password. Avoid four-digit PINs and shapes, as these leave a grease mark on the screen, which can be used to break into your phone.

Configure Remote Locate And Erase: Find My Device on Android and Find My Phone for iPhone can be used to wipe a stolen phone remotely.

Choose the Right Carrier: Help protect yourself from security threats, use a phone carrier that offers security and privacy for your device.

Staying Secure on the Network

Use Your Mobile Network: Your device connects to the internet through the cellular network. Data sent on a 4G network is encrypted. It’s not completely unhackable, but it is more difficult to compromise.

Use A Private Network: Connect your device to a secure network at your home, business, or school. Access public WiFi spots only when necessary. Most hotspots usually don’t encrypt information. Other users can hijack your session and log in as you.

Protecting Your Data

Keep A Remote Backup: Back up your information to your computer and a cloud-based service frequently.

Disable Notification Previews on Your Lock Screen: If someone has access to your device, they could view your verification codes without having the password.

Enable Two-Factor Authentication: It provides another level of security. Access requires a second piece of information to be entered.

Log Out of Your Accounts: If someone gains access to your device, information displayed in any open apps is vulnerable.

Update Your Operating System and Software: Install updates as soon as they’re available. These updates address security flaws, improve the user experience, and protect the information on your device.

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Alex Kotler

Alex Kotler, SVP U.S Business Development. A veteran within the telecommunications industry, Alex has vast knowledge and experience across all facets of the industry.