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International Roaming VS a Local SIM Card
Alex KotlerFebruary 19, 20213 min read

International Roaming VS a Local SIM Card for International Travelers

Using your carrier's existing local SIM card is usually a bad idea. Service providers have excessive roaming clauses and a controversial practice of applying expensive roaming fees. There are very few exceptions. 

About International Roaming

With international roaming, you will most likely have much less data with daily limits and higher price tag. Many companies will charge you by the day for your data usage. In some cases, even if you are traveling for just a few days, it can end up being a massive bill.

Nobody knows the price until the bill arrives, and this may be up to 3 months later due to your provider receiving the billing information from the roaming carrier. You need to remember, while using global roaming you pay if you receive calls, voicemail, SMS and emails. That is the risk of choosing to roam.

Rather than pay excessive roaming charges, there are other, much better solutions. Let’s learn about the pros and cons of these two options in a bit more detail.

Local SIM Cards

The first option is to buy a SIM card from a local vendor when you arrive in the country that you will be visiting. Many airports have them. However, this isn’t possible in all countries. Some countries require you to provide proof of residency before you can buy one. For those countries where you can buy a local SIM card, there are advantages because you can usually get these local cards at a good rate. Unfortunately, local SIM cards come with a lot of disadvantages such as:

  • You will need to tell everyone you new “temporary number”

  • Anyone that is trying to reach you from your home country will need to pay international long distance
  • You will have to get your service provider to unlock your phone. Which needs to be fully paid off before they will do so
  • You might have to show a passport (sensitive information) before you can buy a local sim card

Traveling to several areas and changing several SIM cards may be annoying.
You may be bound by local internet restitution law which ban you from using certain services and applications, like ZOOM, WhatsApp and Skype

International SIM Cards

An International SIM card AKA World SIM and Roaming SIM is MUCH LESS expensive than international roaming because you are contracted with only one phone carrier. Also, an international SIM card allows you to use your phone in more than one country. It gives you the ability to be connected to the internet-- anywhere you go. Using a global SIM card in many different countries is advantageous as well as being:

  • Simple and efficient, eliminating the need to switch SIM cards and be bound by local restrictions
  • No need to update anyone with your new numbers.
  • With "Local Everywhere people call you will not need to pay international long distance charges 
  • One flat rate for the the world

Significantly cuts the high roaming cost. Global SIM cards eliminate high roaming charges and high calling data usage costs in foreign countries.

It works on any device you have that requires a SIM card. What high-tech device do you have?

Are you a business traveler? A digital nomad? Or, just going on vacation?  It doesn't matter who you are and where in the world you wish to go, international SIM cards can be used by anybody! A global SIM card is MUCH LESS expensive than international roaming because you are contracted with only one phone carrier.

Eliminate the need for multiple SIM cards with POND IoT’s Smart Sim Card and Global Roaming SIM card. POND IoT offers flexible roaming options for today’s global economy because you need the best SIM card for worldwide travel.

Additionally, all the plans are transparent. There is NO HIDDEN FINE PRINT in any of the contracts.

POND IoT offers data services in more than 200+ countries for global travelers. It's the choice for those who prefer impeccable mobile communication-- anywhere in the world. 

POND IoT Has You Covered.

Alex Kotler

Alex Kotler, SVP U.S Business Development. A veteran within the telecommunications industry, Alex has vast knowledge and experience across all facets of the industry.