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How to Stay Online with an Affordable Backup Internet Connection
Alex KotlerApril 25, 20202 min read

How to Stay Online with an Affordable Backup Internet Connection

In the digital age, the Internet is an essential part of any business, and being without it is not an option. The slightest disruption to your Internet connection sends you scrambling to find a workaround. It’s important to know that not all outages are created equal, and downtime can vary from a few minutes to several days. Network outages aren’t always a result of a failure on your service provider’s end. A wayward squirrel can cause widespread outages by venturing into a power grid, costing your business thousands of dollars in lost revenue.

Widespread power outages come in many forms. Rolling blackouts from high electrical demand on overburdened power grids, natural disasters are notorious for lengthy power outages. Hurricane Maria caused the largest blackout in US history, taking almost 11 months for power to be restored to some areas. Whether you have employees working remotely or onsite, it is essential to keep them online and productive.

Fortunately, this can be resolved with an effortless backup Internet connection that kicks in when your primary connection goes down–ensuring no downtime or losses in productivity. A basic battery backup unit costs about $50 and can power a 4G LTE router for at least 8 hours. Think of it as a backup electric generator but for the Internet.


The Solution: Internet Backup Service

What is a 4G LTE router? Think of it as a regular WiFi router that you have in your home the only difference is it has a cellular radio built-in which allows you to access the Internet over a cellular connection.

How does it work? Once the device senses a disruption to your network, a cellular connection automatically takes over and will revert to the main source once it becomes available.

Is it complicated? The device setup is very simple, just plug it into one of the ports in your current router.

No broadband Internet connection? This very same device can provide Internet for use in a truck, RV, boat, store, or food truck, anywhere regular Internet is not available.


Backup Internet Equipment

NETGEAR 4G LTE Broadband Modem (LB2120)

  • Works with any mobile network provider
  • 4G to 3G fallback support
  • Share connection across all devices

NETGEAR Nighthawk Router With 4G LTE Modem (LAX20)

  • Works with AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon
  • Can be used as primary or backup Internet connection
  • AX1800 Gigabit speed
  • Easy set-up and management

Cudy 4G LTE Modem Router (AC1200)

  • Works with any major 4G provider in the US
  • Converts 4G LTE to Wi-Fi
  • 1200Mbps Mesh Wi-Fi
  • High-gain antennas
  • Built-in VPN clients
  • Secure and easy set-up

Cudy Unlocked 4G LTE Modem Router (N300)

  • Works with major 4G providers in the US
  • 300Mbps Wi-Fi
  • High-gain antennas
  • Multiple VPN clients
  • Secure and easy set-up


Internet Backup is Insurance for your Connectivity

Most people buy insurance for their business and other large assets in the event of unexpected damage or loss. An Internet connection is one of your business’s most significant assets, and critical to your bottom line. Don’t get caught in the dark. Basic Internet backup services start as low as $20 a month. 

POND LTE Failover Solution

We provide LTE Failover plans, with coverage from the 3 largest nationwide networks in the US, starting at just $20/mo. POND Failover plans are compatible with most unlocked 4G LTE modems and offer multiple layers of redundancy, keeping your business operations running successfully.

Customers can also choose to add an LTE modem to their purchase of compatible plans.



Alex Kotler

Alex Kotler, SVP U.S Business Development. A veteran within the telecommunications industry, Alex has vast knowledge and experience across all facets of the industry.