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Benefits of SIM Cards for Wireless POS Systems And Wireless Terminals
Zakira PatelApril 20, 20222 min read

Benefits of SIM Cards for Wireless POS Systems And Wireless Terminals

With the ongoing health concerns, wireless terminals and touchless/no-contact payment methods have become increasingly popular among retailers, restaurants, and others in the service industry. These wireless terminals use SIM cards to process transactions, adding a layer of mobility and flexibility to services offered by businesses.


What Are Point-Of-Sale Systems?


Point of sale is where you process a customer’s transaction and the point-of-sale system is the actual hardware that allows you to complete those transactions. Each time a customer completes a purchase, they’re making a point-of-sale transaction.


The POS system is the place where the elements of sales, inventory management, and payment processing all interconnect–making a good POS system vital for your business.


Wireless point-of-sale systems free employees to carry around the device, without needing to be behind the counter thus speeding up the payment process and making it more convenient for customers. WPOS systems connect to a base system and operate the same way as a wired system. This is where SIM cards play a  major role, wireless POS systems require a SIM card to keep devices connected. This SIM card allows devices to read credit/debit card information, check for sufficient funds and simultaneously transfer funds from customer accounts to seller accounts, record the transaction and then print a receipt. If these wireless terminals are not connected, payments cannot be processed leading to upset customers and lost revenue.


What Are the Benefits of SIM Cards for Wireless Payment Terminals?




Failover is one of the biggest benefits of using SIM cards for WPOS. Wi-Fi is not dependable or secure, it can go down easily with inclement weather or construction nearby. Cellular data is a more stable option and is usually used as the failover backup solution when a retailer's primary Internet connection goes down.




SIM cards offer connectivity where it may not be available otherwise, like in food trucks, pop-up events, or any mobile location. Wireless payment terminals that are connected by cellular can operate from any location and move locations as needed, without requiring any additional setup.


Low Cost


SIM cards offer a low-cost solution for WPOS. Finding the right provider will allow you to avoid extraneous fees and consolidate all of your plans onto one contract instead of juggling multiple carriers and contracts. POND IoT offers coverage from the three leading networks in the US on a single SIM card. In the event that your current network goes down, our SMART SIM will automatically connect you to the strongest network available. POND also offers global coverage which is ideal for businesses that deploy payment terminals in multiple countries. Learn more about POND IoT’s Failover plans here.