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5 Communication Tools to Increase Productivity
Lolita VyshniakJanuary 8, 20202 min read

5 Communication Tools to Increase Productivity

Any conscientious business owner is always striving to improve on the existing strategies and processes in their work routine or between staff members. However, sometimes you really do hit a bit of a wall in terms of what can be done to increase your productivity. That’s why we’ve decided to make a little compilation of tools that can help you with that!

Group chats and messaging as communication tools

A huge percentage of people take at least one day of work from home a week. Consequently, you need to optimize the communication process on a day to day in a way that allows the whole team to manage tasks effectively, wherever the employees may be.

Getting high-speed data all over the world

It’s really important to ensure that you have stable cell phone data at all times - even while traveling. So you might benefit from looking into changing your cell phone plan, especially when it comes to work, and getting a separate business phone number.

POND IoT Business provides reliable high-speed mobile internet connection, anywhere in the world, all included in a single-payment plan.

Improving communication by distributing tasks

When dealing with any project or a long-term task, it’s important to break down any step of the process into smaller objectives. By distributing those evenly between all of the employees, you ensure that no bump in the road is halting the entire process.

Moreover, it’s impossible to overestimate the value of keeping a healthy workload - both in terms of stress management and productivity.

Integrating cloud services into your business routine

Most of us really underestimate how much time is spent regularly on searching for lost documents or requesting them from coworkers, who then have to re-send those multiple times. That effort can be applied to way more important tasks.

Thankfully, nowadays platforms like Google Drive and Dropbox allow us to store any internal documentation in one cloud-based storage. These cloud solutions store all our documentation and papers and make them available anytime for authorized personnel, saving you tons of time.

In general, all of the modern solutions to productivity in businesses are to some extent digital - and that’s just the way it’s going to be going forward.

POND IoT provides our clients with affordable and convenient business cell phone service, which could become your ultimate productivity solution! Join thousands of companies that have already switched!


Lolita Vyshniak

Lolita Vyshniak, Leading Channel Manager. Lolita has a master’s degree in management and logistics and has extensive research experience in building healthy relationships with clients.