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Biggest Texting Mistakes You’re Making
Lolita VyshniakFebruary 7, 20191 min read

Biggest Texting Mistakes You’re Making

Honestly, texting has become one of the primary methods of communication nowadays, and it's more important than ever to become proficient at it.

Naturally, you're probably making several mistakes with this, and those might be actually ruining your texting game, while also leaving a bad taste in your correspondent's mouth.

No worries - we're going to help you figure out which ones exactly you're guilty of, and how to improve!

1. Taking too long to respond

No one likes to be left hanging, period. And yes, we get it, there are various kinds of emergencies that might have made you delay the response - but as a habit, try to react ASAP. This really allows the person you're texting to feel respected and needed, which helps with building rapport a lot.

2. Master your Emoji game

Even if we're having a business conversation, some informal rules still apply - there are tons of appropriate times when it makes perfect sense to use an Emoji or crack a joke. On the other hand, pace yourself - overdoing it definitely ruins the “refined adult" impression you might have given at the beginning.

3. Hold your horses!

You've sent the text. Now we wait. Don't send follow-ups every 5 minutes, stop reminding folks of their tasks ten times a day, and for the love of God, don't call them if they haven't answered - only if it's a matter of utmost urgency.

It will only ruin your image in their eyes and make you seem like a condescending and un-trusting individual.

4. Not ending the conversation when it's obviously time

Like any other human interaction, texting has to come to a logical conclusion, not drag on for hours on end if it's obviously forced. Know when to wrap it up and say “goodbye” - you'll leave a much better impression.

Now go on, into the big texting world - armed with this newly found knowledge to win over anyone, anytime! And with our rate plans feel free to communicate with your friends and partners all over the globe!


Lolita Vyshniak

Lolita Vyshniak, Leading Channel Manager. Lolita has a master’s degree in management and logistics and has extensive research experience in building healthy relationships with clients.